Arms and Emblems I've created

Standard Emblems

Over time, I've created many emblems to use as profile pictures/avatars on various websites







Special Emblems


Sims Websites V1

Sims Websites V2

Sims Websites V3

Twitter V1

Twitter V2

*I no longer use a seperate picture, instead i just use the latest version of my standard emblem.

Coats of Arms

Please Note: I do not actually have the right to bear arms. I created these for fun.
Also, Please Note: Actual Coats of arms are not the images of arms you usually see, but are in fact the description (blazon) of the arms.
For Example: V5 of my standard emblem could be described thusly: Sable a mullet gules a dragon passant argent. Or my twitter emblem as: Sable a mullet gules a dove essorant reversed argent
To find out more, I suggest reading this and having a play on this site.

Escutcheon V1

Escutcheon V2

Escutcheon with Supporters

Full Heraldic Achievement

If you're bored and have nothing better to do, you could try and work out the blazon for V2 of my Escutcheon; if you do, please send it to me.

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