Lightsabers, what their colours mean

Please remember that most force users had free rein to customise their lightsaber.
This list is just a general guide.
e.g.: A Jedi may choose to use a red crystal to power their lightsaber.
Lightsaber Users More details
Sith The Sith used synthetic crystals to power their sabers as they're easy to produce while in hiding. These crystals gained their colours from the negative emotions used to forge them.
Jedi Sentinels The Jedi Sentinels set themselves apart from other Jedi by mastering skills that didn't require force sensitivity.
Jedi Consulars The Jedi Consulars primarily focused on force abilities and diplomacy.
Jedi Guardians The Jedi Guardians were the Republic's first line of defence.
Various Jedi and Sith The purple (or amethyst) blade was often used by individuals who walked the line between the light and the dark (most notably Mace Windu and Revan).
Mandalorian Jedi
The darksaber was created by the only Mandalorian to join the Jedi Order. After their death (near the fall of the Old Republic), it was stolen from the Jedi Temple by Mandalorians.
Estranged Jedi The white blade was extremely rare and used by Jedi who wished to distance themselves from the order.
Jedi Temple Guards The Jedi Temple Guards protected the order and their temple from threats.
This lightsaber was mandatory
Sith Assassins Sith Assassins were often not true Sith merely pawns trained in lightsaber combat to conduct the whims of a Sith lord.
Jedi Shadows Jedi Shadows were elite Jedi Sentinels who were sent to destroy anything and everything connected with the Sith and their followers.
The Inquisitorius The Inquisitorius was an organisation of Jedi Hunters who worked for the Galactic Empire. They had special lightsabers with hilts which could spin.
This lightsaber was mandatory
The Knights Of Ren The Knights Of Ren was an organisation of force users during the time of the First Order/Resistance conflict. They used cracked crystals, which produced an unstable blade, and an ancient crossguard lightsaber design
This lightsaber was mandatory
Sources: The Jedi Path, The Book of Sith, Wookieepedia

My SWTOR lightsabers

These are the lightsabers my characters use in the game Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Lightsaber Which Character Description
Jedi Sentinel 1 Black-Pink and 1 Yellow-Pink Lightsabers
Sith Assassin A Black-Pink Double-Bladed Lightsaber

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