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C&C Generals

Download My Mods

These mods are pretty basic and have some bugs. If you wish for me to make a mod or edit one I have already made, please eMail me. Feel free to use one of my mods as a base for your own mod. If you do please credit me.

My Mods:

Alternate Models This mod changes the models of some units. Including special Command Centers. Download V 1.0.0
Amphibious Transport This mod gives the hovercraft transport unit to every faction (some units had to be removed to fit the added command button). Download V 1.0.0
Boss General This mod enables the boss general. Download V 2.1.0
Drones This mod gives the USA a building which can build drones (the ones USA vehicles can build). Download V 1.0.0
Power for GLA This mod gives the GLA a wind turbine power plant. Download V 1.2.0
Skirmish Button On Main Menu This mod replaces the 'Multiplayer' option on the main menu with 'Skirmish'. Download V 1.0.0
Small Changes Probbably my best mod, this mod Makes multiple small changes that make the game slightly more awesome. Changes:
  1. Enables Boss General (using my boss mod as a base)
  2. Adds the colours Black & White (Minor Bug with black infantry)
  3. Gives General Alexander ICBMs and Nukes
  4. Gives General Fai Chem Suits
  5. Gives General Kwai Composite Armour
  6. Gives General Granger Alexander's version of the Aurora Bomber Weapon
  7. Gives Prince Kassad the GC Sniper
If you have any queries or want to suggest an improvement email me or post a reply here.
Download V 3.2.4
Supply Gathering This mod simply increases the number of supply gatherers spawned when you build a supply center. Download V 1.0.2
UN Humvees

Requested by Flying Endeavor

This mod simply makes it posible to build UN Humvees from Chinese and American war factories.
Download V 1.0.0

If you are using an older version of Microsoft Edge the .big files might download as .htm or .html, once they've finished downloading just change the extension to .big.

Install instructions can be found here.
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